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Intrahealth products are at the leading edge of technology, supporting a variety of deployment modes, databases and customizations to ensure future proofing.

Our solutions support primary care physicians, specialist physicians, mental health, community health, health protection and promotion, contagious disease outbreaks, child protection, chronic disease management and so on.

All Intrahealth products have been designed to be flexible enough to suit your needs, intuitive, easy to learn and conform to clinical and technology standards. Customers with previous experience with Windows based products will find Intrahealth products very similar, from the Windows based look and feel to “drag and drop” functionality for quick and efficient use. Please visit our Products area for more information.

Intrahealth’s Solution
  • Simplifies the approach that has historically been confusing to Physicians, by providing a complete offering of implementation, installation, configuration, extensive on-site and web based training, follow up support and on-going training.
  • Ensures cost effectiveness by applying deep process integration, hence recognizing the philosophy of a single point of contact for Physicians.
  • Reduces risk – Intrahealth understands that one of the keys to success is addressing risk. Physicians are often “nervous” about having their data off-site. Utilizing Savvis’ expertise in corporate level security, privacy and safety polices with data hosting, Intrahealth’s solution significantly minimizes the risk to physicians. Savvis has enterprise level, established and leading company technologies with bullet-proof Tier-3 central hosting.
  • All physician data is stored and managed in British Columbia. Only your practice and authorized Intrahealth support representatives have access to this data.

Please contact us or request a quote for a formal quotation.

From purchase to proficiency

Intrahealth recognizes that implementing software is more than just buying world class software, that’s why our solution includes help with change management, pre-installation configuration, data transfer, training, installation and follow up support.

We recognize the importance of maintaining your skills and interacting with your peers. Additional training is available post-implementation.

Unparalleled experience

Since 2005 Intrahealth products have been selected in BC over other local and international vendors.

  • The Fraser Health Authority, (Primary Care Renewal Project, CDM Project, Seniors Health Clinics, Outpatient and Surgial Centers, Shared Care Plans.)
  • The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, (Primary Care Community Clinics, Specialized Osteoarthritis Clinics, Chronic Disease Management Project)
  • The Interior Health Authority (Primary Care Community Clinics)
  • The Intertribal Health Authority, (Centre of Excellence supplying to Intrahealth products to ITHA band health clinics)
  • Simon Fraser University (Student Health Centers)

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Pricing?

Please contact us or request a quote for a formal quotation.

Why is a Tier 3 Host better than a Tier 1 Host? What do the Tiers mean?

Tier 1 is the “lightest” hoster.  Often they are just “co-located” within a Hoster, but all design, management, hardware monitoring etc is provided by a private company without the level or rigour or redundancy.

Tier 2 Hosters are part way toward Tier 3.  Their systems and processes are all redundant and they manage the hardware, including for security, etc.

Tier 3 Hosters are very secure and robust.  This ranges from Infrastructure (e.g. bullet proof glass), to staff background checking, to ongoing management of the hardware.  They are typically used by businesses that cannot afford downtime, data loss or malicious intrusion (e.g. hackers).  The Tier 3 Hoster chosen by Intrahealth, for example, hosted the 2010 Olympics.

Tier 4 Hosters are very few.  These are effectively military specification.

Doesn’t a Tier 3 Host cost more than a Tier 1? Does this mean I pay more?

Yes, they cost significantly more.  However, Intrahealth believes that the hosting environment is critical to physicians.  They need to be sure their data is safe, the facility has very high “up time” and there are strong systems and processes.

You do not pay more for this.  Intrahealth is owned by physicians and have a clear directive regarding physician and patient information when centrally hosted.  We accept a lower profit margin to offer this guarantee to our customers and colleagues.  We believe the lower margin is more than compensated by the higher safety for you.

What database do you use and why? Does this mean I pay more?

We are using MS SQL Server.  This is one of the world’s two top databases in terms of reliability and data safety (the other being Oracle).  Intrahealth supports a freeware product which is often used in stand alone clinic operations.  However, just as we selected a Tier 3 Hoster, for the same reason we chose to go with a proven, trusted database used by major enterprises – they do not use freeware databases for a reason!

You do not pay more for this.  The same philosophy as above applies – we accept a lower profit margin to offer a higher quality data store to our customers and colleagues.

Do you offer products for Communities of Practice (COPs)?

Yes, we have a number of products specifically targeted to groups of physicians that are separate from each other but choose to work together:

  • InSync – this is a central hub and repository of shared information on both providers of care and patients
  • Maestro – an integration engine that allows different clinics to share information with each other
  • Accession/External Provider – a browser product that allows you to make available all or parts of a patient’s record for another physician outside your clinic.  Each physician controls how much is seen
  • Shared Care Plan – this is a product that allows a group of physicians to coordinate care for a patient across many providers – both physician and non physician.  One provider (usually the GP) is designated as the “Most Responsible Clinician” (MRC) and coordinates care.  As other providers undertake interventions, a message is passed back to the MRC.

For more information on these products, please contact Intrahealth.

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