Profile Specialist: Sophisticated practice management software designed for Specialists in Canada

Integrated Practice Management Software

Profile Specialist is a fully integrated clinical and software package that has features specifically created and designed for Canadian Specialists. It is based on Intrahealth’s core Profile product with additional features designed specifically to support busy Specialist practices. Profile’s advanced design and architecture offers front desk, administrative and clinical functionality with unparalleled flexibility, speed and stability.
Intrahealth’s vision is to provide a series of software tools to manage practice administration and clinical requirements, whilst facilitating electronic communication toward an integrated healthcare environment. Intrahealth’s Profile Specialist is used by the following medical Specialists: cardiology, chiropractors, audiology, dermatology, urologists, general surgeons, ophthalmology, obstetrics & gynecology – women’s health, plastic surgeons, brain and spine specialists, endoscopy, neurologists, and many other specialties.

Profile has a number of outstanding features that will not only meet the needs of your practice today but, will also, through its 3-tier architecture, allow you to meet requirements based on “World Best Practice” standards into the future. In the following sections we have highlighted a few of the features that will provide you with discernible benefits.

Integration with third party tools

Profile is a standards based application that allows integration with third party hardware and applications; such as tablet PCs, Dragon Dictate, drawing tools and other Microsoft programs.

SMS (text) Messaging of Appointment Reminders

Intrahealth introduced this function to Profile Specialist in 2004 following comments from Specialist Practices highlighting the high cost and disruptive nature of patients not attending their scheduled appointments. Practices using this functionality have reported significant reductions in the time and cost associated with pre-confirming patient appointments and overall reductions in “did not attends”. In an age of increasing mobile phone coverage Intrahealth is committed to ensuring current generation solutions optimize Specialist practice performance.

Appointments Plus

Appointments Plus builds on Profile Specialists “best of breed” front desk appointment system by enabling a linked series of appointments to be created and maintained. This is especially useful where follow-up consultations are scheduled or a treatment series is required. Profile Specialist enables practices to easily maintain an appointment series and avoid the traditional challenges that arise when a series of appointments are not linked.

Intrahealth has long been recognized as having the leading front desk appointments module. Together with Appointments Plus you can be assured of a solution providing your practice the competitive edge you seek.

Advanced Word Processing Functionality

Profile Specialist enables you to quickly and easily develop typing templates to record consultation notes and correspondence for issue to either general practitioner or patient. Profile Specialist provides an optimum word processing tool set to ensure your practice correspondence is thoroughly professional and maximum productive levels of performance are attainable.

Financial Reliability

Profile Specialist provides practices absolute referential integrity. Reliability of financial information is essential to understanding the financial performance of your specialist practice. Profile Specialist has been designed in a manner supporting financial best practice, is scalable and provides specialists the assurance and information required to look to the future with confidence.

Clinical Customization

Profile Specialist includes a powerful, fully customizable forms engine enabling experienced users to develop intelligent forms to support common clinical procedures and processes. Intrahealth’s form technology provides an ability to develop structured clinical and administrative processes thereby ensuring valuable data is routinely captured and recorded. For more advanced users and users with programming skills, Profile Specialist provides access to a pseudo development environment supporting performance of functions using macro’s, advanced query and reporting capabilities and integration with third party applications via Profile’s COM interface.

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Why Choose Profile?

  • Saves valuable clinical time
  • Improve clinical and practice outcomes
  • Create high quality and legible notes
  • Avoid clinical mistakes
  • Move towards a paperless office
  • Utilize third party applications with ease
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