com.unity: Sophisticated Mental Health platform for community health professionals.


com.unity is a highly configured and ‘out of the box’ software solution currently deployed in mental health initiatives in Australia; including headspace, ATAPS, Partners in Recovery and other mental health programs. The single integrated solution provides a case management centric approach that facilitates management of complex health needs through secure web access by patients, consumers and community care team providers.

“com.unity” combines Intrahealth’s Profile practice management system with Accession web portals for Patients and External care providers. The mobile application facilitates care management and planning activities for mobile health care providers so that they can manage patient care remotely.

com.unity is a real time solution enabling secure sharing of information whether care providers are within the physical environment or part of the extended network of care. Access and content of the portals are tightly controlled and based on security roles so care team providers only see information that is relevant, an Occupational Therapist will have distinct views to a Psychiatrist. The array of information that is visible is extensive and can include up to the entire patients medical record.

com.unity also provides organizations with the ability to provide patients with real time access to engage in their care and directly with the healthcare providers. Such information could include the ability to book appointments online, enter forms such as K10 or DASS 21, view headline news about the organization, results, notes and patient information relevant to their condition. It also produces graphical representations of measures to display trends over time. The patient web portal provides the patient the ability to update their demographic information and add notes to their own record in a safe and secure manner. They can also communicate securely with health care providers and pay their accounts online.

As with the web access for external care providers, the patient web access is highly configurable and allows Health care organisations to determine what information is relevant and accessible for the patient.

com.unity is targeted at Health System Providers, Medicare locals and Lead Agencies that require case management, longitudinal medical record care, web and mobile functionality to manage and integrate the growing number of programs within their environments. The solution has extensive privacy, security and audit controls throughout.

The Intrahealth platform is highly configurable and extensible with a long list of functions including a flexible centralized forms designer that enables bespoke forms to appear within the web application and mobile device.

com.unity can be adapted to suit a range of other programs that also require centralized care and multi-disciplinary services such as chronic disease management.

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