Information regarding the Objective Data Dashboard

We have begun rolling out the Objective Data Dashboard, beginning in the second week of September, in stages.


To participate, please send an email to

The following will need to be completed:

Profile will need to be upgraded to an ODD compliant version of Profile.  This version will be ready at the time of rollout and Intrahealth will create the upgrade request on your behalf.

Intrahealth will configure Profile for ODD and inform the clinic of Profile’s readiness to run the dashboard.

Declaration from the Doctors of BC and detailed information from the Doctors of BC can found following this link


We will provide written instructions on how to run the Dashboard. If you require assistance with either running the Dashboard or how to clean up the data, Intrahealth through the Implementation and Education Department will offer an In-Service Session at 150.00 per hour, per participating physician, regardless of who is assisted at the clinic.

Support of the Dashboard will only be through the Implementation and Education Department.

Andy Le will be primary contact and can be contacted via email