Frequently Asked Questions
What technology do you use to deliver the software to the physician desktop?

Intrahealth is able to offer three solutions for Physician use from a hosted environment, the only vendor to do so:

  • Profile Rich Client
  • Browser – Profile Rich Client via Citrix
  • Pure Browser – No Citrix
What are the pros and cons of each?

Each technology has its strengths.  There is no one right answer.  You can even mix and match to exactly suit your needs, using one in one context (e.g. your office) and a second in another (e.g. hospital).  With Intrahealth you are permitted to use all three under your PITO license.

Pros Cons
Profile Rich Client
  • Best for using a diversity of printers, scanners, etc
  • Able to plug external devices in (e.g. Medical devices)
  • Swipe MSP card reader can auto-arrive the patient
  • Has the “connection with host lost” functionality built in
  • Supports full Windows integration including drag and drop, and compatibility with programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Rich user interface
  • Full graphics integration

Stores reference data locally to optimize speed (does not need to obtain from the Host)

  • Should be run over a low latency PPN connection
  • Principally appropriate for the office and home
  • Works on PCs only
Browser- Profile Rich Client via Citrix
  • Delivered by web browser
  • User interface as rich as the Profile rich client
  • Fastest network solution – best with poor connections; faster than pure browser solution*
  • If you have a temporary network outage (e.g. local), the session remains running and is where it was when you logged in
  • Allows you to move your session from room to room – and it’s exactly as you left it in the last room
  • With your consent, our support staff are able to view your screen; this helps with explaining and demonstrating, resulting in superior support levels
  • More secure than either Rich Client or Web Browser
  • Works on Macs or PCs

The “connection with host lost” program has the same interface

  • Less flexible user experience
  • Need a separate “connection with host lost” program
  • Getting the printers set up correctly initially is important
Pure Browser – No Citrix
  • Simplest solution
  • “point and go”
  • Less flexible user experience
  • Less extensive functionality
  • Less precise printing
  • Does not integrate fully with the desktop

Need a separate “connection with host lost” program

Can I get a copy of my data?

Yes.  You own the data (the patient owns their information, but not the format in which its stored).  At any time we can send you a backup.

Do you offer patient access?

Yes, we offer patient access by a browser.  They can perform various functions, from booking appointments, reviewing their care plan and recording home observations.  However, the physician has complete control over their access, or even if there’s any access at all.  There is also the opportunity to charge patients for this service – Profile can automatically charge them a monthly fee, or a transactional fee which they can pay online

Where is your support based?

Intrahealth’s team is based in North Vancouver, BC.  It comprises about 30 staff representing the helpdesk, development, implementation and training.

Do you have clinical staff in Intrahealth Canada?

We have three physicians currently working at Intrahealth Canada.

How can we be confident that Intrahealth will be here in 5 years? 10 years?

Intrahealth has been in operation since 1997.  It has been growing at 40%pa and has 100 staff world wide.  We sell to Physician Offices, to Health Authorities and to other health organisations, so our risk is spread.  We are privately held (mostly) by Physicians.  The Health Authorities that installed our product conducted due diligence on our financial viability.  The two physician founders of Intrahealth are now permanent residents of BC.

If you have other questions, please contact Intrahealth.

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